Demosphere is a free and Open Source software for web calendars. It offers both a public interface (frontend) and an extensive management interface (backend) that moderators use to find and enter events. Demosphere can be considered as a productivity tool for finding and managing large numbers of events coming from many different sources.

 Frontend: features a main calendar view, an interactive map of events, configurable widgets to display custom calendars on other websites, configurable RSS feeds, configurable event email subscriptions, custom selection of events, a user-friendly public event form, ...

 Backend: Finding, selecting and entering events is a large amount of work. For example, the Paris site requires 3 hours of work every day. To make this work easier, we have developed many tools:

  • a (simple) mail reader for automatically finding events and duplicates in high volume mailing-lists.
  • a feed aggregator that helps find events and duplicates among articles published on other websites.
  • a "page watch" component that tells you when another web site has changed, helping you check if they have published an event.
  • a Firefox extension that highlights the upcoming dates and keywords on web pages, allowing to easily create new events from any page on the web.
  • several other tools that make life easier for moderators

 Demosphere-1 was based on Drupal. Demosphere-2, released in May 2013, no longer uses Drupal.

 Thanks to Browserstack for giving free access to Open Source projects like ours.
This allows us to test our websites on lots of platforms, without having to buy them.